New Skin (Plateau)

New Skin (Plateau)
Collaboration with Valeria Roxana Primost
Photograph print on Japanese paper, mortar
Photograph: L64xW98cmx6pieces
Mortar arm: L57xW16xH15cm
Group exhibition “Space Reception”
Akiyoshidai International Art Village
Yamaguchi, Japan

The work series are the collaboration with Valeria Roxana Primost who is an Argentinian contemporary dancer. Her arm is covered with dried seaweeds which are known as “nori”, an ingredient in Japanese cooking. Nori is a kind of green algae which perform photosynthesis. A researcher at a fisheries experiment station told me that you may have possibilities to be the Photosynthesizers if green algae could live in the outer layer of your skin and transfer from old skin cell to new cell as the skin changes. The photographs above were taken at Akiyoshidai plateau. The arm of mortar on the black pedestal (photo below) is moulded from Primost’s own right arm.

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