Dandelion in Right Foot

Dandelion in Foot
Colored pencil on paper




Dandelion in Right Foot
March 16, 2009
Performance dedicated to Kanji Itoi a.k.a. Dadakan.
Sendai Street Affair ʺKorosu‐naʺ
Sendai, Japan

Planting seeds of dandelion in right foot.
This performance is dedicated to Kanji Itoi a.k.a. Dadakan (left in photo below), who is a legendary Japanese in the 1960s to the 70s, one of the most radical artist in Japanese Neo‐Dada, happening and performance art. The performance is based on his anecdote. Once he was younger, he fired given money and sent it to his friend as a mailing art, while his life was poor eating dandelions growing in his garden. The place is the same as Dadakan’s “Sendai Street Affair” performed in 1970.

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photo: Koichi Koike

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photo: Kunihiko Hatanaka