Sky is Fruity / Mt.Izumigatake / UFO

Sky is Fruity
DVD, 8ʹ42ʺ

A film for the performance to plant a seed of fruits into human body. The fruits are rotating slowly in the sky.

skyisfruity02 skyisfruity03



Mt. Izumigatake / UFO
Color photograph
Any size available

Mt. Izumigatake is a name of mountain located nearby Sendai city. It’s a popular mountain among the people living in Sendai. 1172m altitude. In the novel “A Beautiful Star” written by Yukio Mishima, three men witnessed an UFO near the mountain, and this happening awoke them to realize that they are from outer space, then they will plan extinction of mankind. The photos below are taken from same point of view as they space aliens witnessed the UFO.
Mt. Izumigatake is visible in the bottom center of the photo. Though the mountain seems featureless at first glance, it occupies an important position in the story over the Photosynthesizers.

mtizmufo00 mtizmufo01