Magic Pitch

Magic Pitch (the ball that never disappear)
Clay, 1000g
A work for the project “Mourai Phenomenon ‐Contemporary Art School on the Beach‐ PRA camp07” by PRAHA Project
Morai, Ishikari, Hokkaido, Japan

About a person who I couldn’t meet again and the things which I never met with. These are certain existence which is changing to grow up and extinguish, but this time I never met with them. I’ve heard that Morai still produce crude oil, but I never even looked for the fountain of it.

I came here Morai with a lump of clay. It’s a lump of memory. I washed the clod on the shore in Morai. Fragments of shell, gravel and seaweeds on the shore were stuck on the clod and washed away over and over. A seabird was peeping into what I was working on. When I left the shore, the seabird got closer to the clod and stared at it.

Diving into the sea in my bare skin.

August 25, 2007

magicpitch02 magicpitch03 magicpitch04 magicpitch05 magicpitch06

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